Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chicago Qualifying Quotes

Marcos Ambrose, No. 9 Stanley/Dewalt Ford
Qualified 17th
“We had a great one and two and I have to thank my Stanley and Dewalt team for a much better qualifying. I just got tight off of four and started to shake the tires. I don’t know. We were close. I think with another quarter pound of tire pressure we might have had something.”


AJ Allmendinger, No. 43 Best Buy Ford
Qualified 18th
“I don’t know what happened. We didn’t have that problem yesterday but we just bounced it off the race track in three. I probably drove it in too deep. It just crashed to the ground so when it crashed it got the race track and when you are this fast and not in the throttle we missed it. I am not very happy with the lap. At times we have had the car really fast and at other times it is not as quick. I think track position will be key. I was hoping to start out higher but we will just have to pass some race cars tomorrow.”

Credit - Ford Racing

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