Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Ramble - Indianapolis Edition

Sometimes taking a break from something that you love is easier said than done. As I mentioned in last week’s ramble, my grandma sprung a family get together on me for Sunday afternoon – scheduled to begin right in the middle of the race. Now I know what you’re thinking and no, I didn’t stand my grandma up on her birthday. Well, only a little bit.

As race time approached and I faced having to leave, I got cold feet. How could I turn off the race? AJ was doing pretty good. There was still an opportunity for cautions to fall the right way so that he could gain some track position. And of course the biggest thing I hate is missing some sort of funny radio banter. For instance, the comment he made about wishing he had horsepower like the #33 and how he felt like he was racing against Cup cars with a Nationwide car.

So I faced my choice – NASCAR or Grandma? NASCAR or Grandma? Okay, NASCAR won. I know, I know – my priorities are screwed up. That is something that my grandma pointed out in front of all my relatives when she took me to task for showing up almost two hours late. But hey, I showed up. I even got to see my favorite aunt that I lived with in college – who, coincidentally, is a lady that AJ’s mom reminds me so much of, and is probably why I feel like I know Karen when I really don’t.

So I can admit in front of you all that my willpower sucks! (I can’t turn down ice cream, either.) However, before I left my grandma’s party I did assure her that if I hadn’t been able to compromise and if my only choice was to come to her birthday or watch racing, that I would have chosen to come to her party. And I was telling the truth … I think.

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