Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Ramble - Off Weekend Edition

I have always hated off weekends from racing. And just the thought of the final race in Homestead nearly brings tears to my eyes. But I have learned that it is good to take breaks every once in awhile, even from the things you love.

I love ice cream, but I can’t eat it constantly. I love my husband and daughter, but if I had to spend every minute of every day with them I would have to be institutionalized. So I have come to learn that I can step away from NASCAR every once in awhile and it isn’t going to kill me. As long as I don’t do it too often.

This past weekend I had a very enjoyable camping trip up in the mountains. It was the second time this year we have gone up, but it was much more pleasant. When we went on the 4th of July weekend, all I could think about was the race in Daytona. I kept watching the clock and trying to figure out in my head how many laps they had run, how long until the end. I even hoped that some psychic intuition would tell me how AJ was doing in the race.

Instead, I had to wait until that Sunday night to watch the recording. It was the first time in a very long time that I had watched a race without the benefit of AJ’s audio or Trackpass. It felt like something was missing, but I also saw some things that I don’t normally during the weekend. (Like the other 42 drivers.)

However, I was very happy to be back behind my computer screen with my huge sound blocking earphones perched on my head for the Chicagoland race the next weekend. Especially since AJ had a good race.

Now I face a troubling prospect for Sunday’s race at Indianapolis. My grandma just called and said that we are having a family get together on Sunday afternoon, which happens to be her 82nd birthday. I don’t particularly want to go, but how do you say no to something like that? Damn it! Where’s a mysterious illness when you need it?

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