Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dover II Statistics

With a starting spot of 7th and running in the top 15 for the first half of the Spring Dover race, things were looking good for the #44 team. Unfortunately, lady luck took a turn for the worse when AJ brought his car in for a routine green flag stop only to have the caution come out before the rest of the field cycled through. Since this was before the wave around rule, AJ resolved to fight to get out in front of the leaders and get one lap back the hard way before then battling the rest of the lap down cars for the lucky dog spot. Then fate took another bad turn and a tire went down on the 44 machine. It was a big blow after such a great starting spot, but the car was good at the track. In fact, all four RPM drivers qualified for that race in the top 10. Hopefully they will have another good showing this weekend.

Average starting spot - 20th
Average finish - 32nd

June 2007
Started 43rd, Finished 33rd

September 2007
Started 11th, Finished 43rd (Blown engine)

June 2008
Started 8th, Finished 37th (Broken fuel pump cable)

September 2008
Started 30th, Finished 16th

May 2009
Started 7th, Finished 29th

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