Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Atlanta II Post-Race Quotes

AJ ALLMENDINGER - No. 43 Insignia HDTV Ford Fusion
Finished 18th
“I am really proud of this No. 43 Insignia HDTV Ford Racing team. My Richard Petty Motorsports crew really worked hard tonight and gave me solid stops all night long. We fought to find the grip we needed on the track, which was really tough. We finished so strong here in the spring. I was really wanting to do even better this time around.”


KASEY KAHNE - No. 9 Budweiser Ford Fusion
Finished 32nd
"I felt like we were there. We had a top-five car and when we got out front we were pretty good, but I was still trying to hold off Carl and Jimmie, and Tony was really quick. I was just going down the straightaway and got hit from behind and I know it was the 39, so I feel like he lost us about 20 spots today. He said he got hit from behind and that forced him into me, so that's racing, but either way, we're the one that took the big shot there."

YOU AND RYAN HAD AN AMIABLE DISCUSSION AFTER THE RACE. HOW DID THAT GO? "Ryan and I are fine. We don't have an issue with each other, it's just that when you get racing sometimes it gets you mad. He lost about four spots from me rubbing him a little bit and I lost about 25 or 30 from him rubbing me, so he got me a little better."


PAUL MENARD - No. 98 Menards Ford Fusion
Finished 35th
"It's real positive because our race car was really good. It was awesome. The guys worked really hard and we had a good car all weekend. We could have definitely had another top five tonight, but it wasn't meant to be."


ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 19 Stanley Ford Fusion
Finished 41st
"I saw the 16 spinning and kind of blocking the track and me and Harvick tried to go under him. I couldn't go any lower because of the 29 car and I think the 16 was standing in the gas trying to stay out of the wall and just came down and clipped us in the right rear and turned us head-on into the wall. Our Stanley Ford is damaged and done for the night. It's very frustrating. We had a really good car and guys kind of started short-pitting and that put us behind and we were trying to play catch-up, but I really wanted to finish this race. We felt like we had a good shot at a good finish tonight."

WAS THE HIT AS BAD AS POCONO? "Oh, no. Nothing like Pocono. I hit where a SAFER barrier is in turn four. We didn't pull any g's at all, so I'm thankful they had that here in turn four at Atlanta. I do want to say thanks to all the fans for showing up tonight. We've got a heck of a crowd here in Atlanta. Man, I just really wanted to finish this race and run good. It's the same car I had at Michigan and we were making a comeback, but it just wasn't meant to be."

Credit - Ford Racing & Richard Petty Motorsports PR

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