Thursday, April 21, 2011

Calling All AJ Fans

I want YOUR stories about the man called Dinger for my website. Whether it's getting an autograph from AJ, meeting him for the first time, how you became a fan of his, or just something memorable that he has done that stands out in your mind, I want to hear about them and I want others to hear about them as well. Even if he's not your first favorite driver - if you have an interesting story please share it with everyone.

We are all influenced to liking or not liking NASCAR drivers based on their personality off the track as well as how they drive on the track. Some drivers make bigger impressions on us than others based on our own personalities and what we want to see in them. So I want to hear how AJ has influenced you. Is it his perseverance through adversity, a great pass he made on the track, an interview where his personality grabbed you, or possibly you were just waiting for an autograph from another driver and AJ happened to stop and sign also.

These are your stories and can be told however you want. If you're lucky enough to have multiple stories about AJ then feel free to send them all to me. Many people have gotten pictures from autograph sessions or appearances with him, and if you want those included then send them along with the stories. Email them to me at and please include at least your first name and where you are from. If you prefer not to give that information out then just let me know.

These stories will also be sent to Best Buy so that they know exactly the kind of person that AJ is and how his fan base perceives him. And I can't promise that the stories will be read by AJ himself, but there is a possibility that he will take a glance at them also. It will be good for him to hear the positive experiences that fans have had and why they like him as a driver.

So this is your time to tell your story. I will start posting them in a few weeks on an intermittent basis depending on how many submissions I get. DingerWorld was created so that Dinger fans could find out all kinds of information about their driver. What better way to do that than to hear each other's stories?

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