Sunday, August 28, 2011

Be Active In Sponsorship Support

DingerWorld Note: This is a post from the Fans for Richard Petty Motorsports website asking all AJ Allmendinger & Richard Petty Motorsports fans to step up again like you did last year and help out. Supporting the sponsors is a huge benefit for the companies that put their advertising money into the sport of NASCAR. Let Best Buy know how much we appreciate their sponsorship not only by emailing them, but also by shopping at their store and buying their products. Thank you to all the fans who helped out last year and I hope I can count on you pushing just as hard or harder this year.

Ok Friends, RPM needs our help

There's just about 1/4 of the season remaining and the people at Best Buy need to hear from us again. We have to let them know we want them to return to RPM and the famed 43 not only for next year, but also beyond 2012. Last year's late decision was nerve wracking; however, late sponsorship renewals affect and delay the planning and arrival of new retail marketing items, budgets, and team cohesiveness at all levels for the next season.

Best Buy and Petty are two iconic brands that equal fan loyalty, and while we have been loyal to both we would appreciate Best Buy's early renewal announcement for 2012 and beyond. In these less than positive economic hard times, even if they return and cut back one or two races, that's better than zero; however, adding more races to the sponsorship package benefits everyone.

This is the best year Best Buy has experienced since entering NASCAR with HAAS (#66). Gillett-Evernham (#19), and now with our famed RPM (#43) and when AJ wins it will be their first time as primary sponsor in Victory Lane. They had a little taste of victory already as sponsor associate with Marcos at Watkins Glen.

Please contact the following at Best Buy Executive Management, just like last year, showing them your support of their continued relationship with RPM, AJ, and our famed #43. The sooner they commit and announce, the more focused RPM can be with expansion. Contact them once a month or whatever it takes.

Brian Dunn - Chief Executive Officer; E-mail:

Shari Ballard - President of the Americas; E-mail:

Barry Judge - Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice-President; E-mail:

Drew Panayiotou - Senior Vice-President of Marketing; E-mail:


  1. What is RPM's e-mail? Was already on my likes on FB, but can only comment on a previous story. BELIEVE... me I AM going on a rampage.
    Love the guy.

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