Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dinger Fan Story #3

In May 2008 in Charlotte for the Coke 600, we were walking around the outside of the track and as we walked by the Toyota stage, drivers were giving out autographs. When we saw AJ, we figured we would get his autograph. My 8 year old daughter, Ashley, had a pink hat that she had different military men & women signing, so we started walking towards the autograph area. We arrived too late, he had turned around and was leaving. Many people around us yelled "Hey AJ, come sign this little girl's hat!". He did. He came back, signed her hat, and made that little girl's day.

From that day on we started cheering for him. When he was let go from Red Bull, we were not impressed with their decision or choice, and we became stronger fans.

Ashley, who is now 11, had never been a huge Nascar fan, but AJ turned her into one. In 2009 he stopped and posed with her while signing autographs at his trailer. His genuine care and concern for his fans is exactly what this sport needs more of. We are thrilled to see him in the #43, driving for Petty Motorsports, and kudos to Best Buy for sponsoring this talented driver. May their relationship continue for years to come!

The picture attached is from May, 2009, in Charlotte before the Coke 600. My daughter and her favorite driver! She has since replaced her #3 hat with a #43.

Lisa G
N Carolina


  1. Way to go Ash!!!!! Great article Lisa!!!

  2. Hey Ash, think you can get Jeff Gordons' autograph for me?? Should have sent in the picture of the beast and the hat!!!