Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dinger Fan Story #4


I am a Fan of Best Buy. I have been a die hard supporter of the store when it 1st came out. I understand in these trying times you would need to pull out of the sport. That to me would be something a person could understand but lets not leave the Dinger!

I have tried for years to meet AJ, I have been a Fan of the Dinger since the red bull days. I believe that he can drive. I believe in him as a person.

I have never heard or seen a bad thing written about the Dinger. I think if I ever got the chance to meet him I would pass out.

I listen to him when he is on the Dave Moody Show and he is just a great guy and his wife Lynne is awesome.

His is a great balance to our sport and glad the "King" saw a lot in him and continues to give him the chance to drive when others would not.

We Love the Dinger!

Stick with the Dinger Best Buy. You have the best adversting in this man!

Pam C
Charlottesville, VA

1 comment:

  1. I agree on all levels, Pam.
    I first met AJ when he was racing Indy. He's a great guy with a really great (sick) sence of humour.
    Lynne was my Chiropractor here in Toronto, and that's the only bad thing. When AJ went to Sprint Cup (great for him), but he stole my friend and Chiropractor.
    AJ just keeps getting better and better and he'll be on top very soon.
    His first win is just around the corner!!!!